About NewsOperative

Hello and welcome to NewsOperative, the blog that takes news stories from around the globe, tears them apart, and provides a more in depth look at what exactly is going on. Topics covered will vary, but will focus mainly on UK and international politics. While this is a current affairs publication, content will aim to be historically grounded in order to provide context.

A little bit about myself; I’m a first year History student living in Norwich, UK. I read the news all day long, a news website’s tab is always open in my browser window and there’s always a newspaper to hand. I love to write, both journalism and creative writing. You can find some of my articles online at the music review website: http://www.soundnorfolk.co.uk/ where I write under the name Michael Drummond.

I encourage you to comment on any (and every) post as opinions differ, and that is what this publication is all about. Posts should be published on a weekly basis at the least, but this is not always possible. Thank you for your time and I hope you’ll stick around.


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