Iran Called Upon to Assist UN

The international envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, has said that there are two countries that must assist the international community in condemning Assad and the bloodshed in Syria. The first is, not surprisingly, Russia, who have so far blocked all UN resolutions concerning an escalated response to the civil war. The other, however, is Iran. Wait, what? Yes, Anna called for Iran, an ally of Syria, to assist the UN. The hypocrisy deepens.

The possibility of Iran aiding the UN to solve the situation in Syria does seem slim. Iran feel targeted by the West and refuse to relinquish their claimed right to a nuclear programme. The West fears this programme has military applications. It should be remembered, putting aside Iran’s intentions for a moment, that the countries demanding a halt to their nuclear programme possess nuclear weapons themselves, as do their ally, Israel. There is a double standard here. On the other hand none of the UN security council (those responsible, with the addition of Germany, for negotiating with Iran) have recently pledged to destroy another country, as Iran did with Israel. But Annan wants Iran’s assistance? The US are, not surprisingly, against this measure.

Realistically, would this happen? There are two choices for Iran: assist in condemning Syria, or stand by their ally. Standing by their ally would seem like the most likely option, especially with President Ahmadinejad’s hatred of the West. However, were Iran to cooperate, it would not hurt their own position in the eyes of the UN. Sure it won’t give them a blank cheque in regard to nuclear weapons, but it would demonstrate their willingness to cooperate with the international community. So Iran have a choice. Helping the UN is very unlikely, but it has the potential to be the more beneficial of the options on the table.

It won’t give them a blank cheque in regard to nuclear weapons.

With the civil war in Syria claiming more lives day by day, the death toll nearing 17,000, the UN is getting increasingly desperate to solve the crisis. Every day that passes without action damages the UN’s reputation and makes it look more like the 1930’s League of Nations, an image that it will be anxious to avoid. As always, keep an eye on the news.

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